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Thank You Ms. Eva Project


As social entrepreneurs, Route History lends economic and intellectual resources to implement sustainable and transformative community projects. Our current social responsibility project is a fundraiser to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of Ms. Eva Caroll Monroe to the city of Springfield, the state of Illinois, and the field of health and human services.  The fundraiser will support youth education programs in the City of Springfield.

Ms. Eva C. Monroe 


 In 1898 Ms. Eva Carroll Monroe, an African American social work pioneer, started the first Black orphanage in Springfield, Il and in the state of Illinois.  In 1904 on the same land as the original building, the Lincoln's Colored Home was built. From 1904 - 1933, Ms. Eva Carroll Monroe ran the Lincoln's Colored Home and provided African American orphan children and homeless senior citizens food, clothing, and shelter in a family-style setting.

The Colored Home


Presently, Lincoln’s Colored Home is located at 427 South 12th Street in Springfield, Illinois. In Commemoration of Ms. Eva Carroll Monroe,  Route History will continue her mission of supporting, protecting, and caring for children. Proceeds from Lincoln's Colored Home t-shirts went to purchase masks for the Masks for Moms campaign. Masks for Moms is an initiative started by Black Girls Break Bread that supplies reusable masks to pregnant and new moms during their prenatal visits and labor and delivery to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

Thank You Ms Eva Photo shoot and Fundraiser

Route History Donates to Masks for Moms

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